Banjarmasin is the capital and the pulsating heart of the province of South Kalimantan in Indonesia. It rests gingerly over a labyrinth of canals thus giving it its illustrious nickname as the city of a thousand rivers.


  • Banjarmasin is the capital and the pulsating heart of the province of South Kalimantan that rests gingerly over a labyrinth of canals
  • The floating market is where buyers and merchants do the transaction on traditional boats

Banjarmasin which is also called the “River City” is the capital of South Kalimantan in Indonesia; it is located on a delta island near the junction of the Barito River and Martapura River. Its main economic sectors include transportation and communication, as well as processing industries, trade, and commerce.

Banjarmasin Floating Market 

Pasar Terapung or “Floating Market” is a traditional market where tourists can witness or do activities in the river market through the use of boats directly. No need to go to Thailand or Vietnam because Indonesia has their very own unique floating market which is located in Banjarmasin; exactly at the junction of the river of Barito and Kuin. This market is the reflection of a Banjar culture that has been going on a long time ago.


Diamond Digging in Martapura and Cempaka

Dimond digging has become a tradition in the “diamond-rich” Martapura which is the capital of the Banjar regency. Cempaka district, which is part of Martapura, is a very well known producer of diamonds, in fact, people may be seen panning for diamonds at villages in the Cempaka district.
It is highly recommended for tourists in the area to visit the Martapura Cempaka traditional Diamond Digging and Market for at least one day. The traditional digging is done in the area of Cempaka and Martapura including a local market of stones and diamonds. Rainforests and traditional farming of coconut, pepper, and rubber plantations can be found along the way. Visitors may also go jungle trekking between villages and experience their extraordinary wildlife.


Kaget Island

Kaget Island is an island that lies right in the middle of the Barito River which is included in the Kuala Barito City. The island serves as home to a species of monkeys with the long nose which is popular to the locals as the “ Proboscis Monkeys” or “Bekantan”. These monkeys are widely known in the area for their long nose, red faces, and big bellies. Aside from these monkeys, there are also various kinds of birds in the area.
Through the efforts of the government, the area was declared as a Nature Reserve. So whenever tourists visit the island, they will be greeted by the noise created by hundreds of monkeys who are clinging to the dense trees of Pulau Kaget. The declaration of Kaget being a nature reserve was to preserve the species of the monkeys which are endemic to Borneo.


Kembang Island

Kembang Island an island located at the Barito River in South Kalimantan. It has acquired fame for the numerous species of monkeys which considers the island as their habitat. The monkeys were identified as long – tailed macaques, and aside from them, several species of birds may also be found in the area.
According to stories, the island’s name came from the British ship Fireworks which was destroyed by the Biaju people in 1750s on the orders of Sultan Bahjar. The vessel debris is now overgrown with trees and turned into an island which was then inhabited by monkeys – now the Kebang Island.
Kembang Island is occupied by hundreds or even thousands of monkeys and several species of birds. In addition to its fascinating wildlife, Kembang Island also has a temple which is usually used by visitors to place offerings to a patron to carry out their desires. Kembang Island is also associated with mystical events.


There are daily flights from many Indonesian cities to Banjarmasin’s airport. The airport is about half an hour’s drive from the city.

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