Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines, is a perfect short-island-getaway for peace loving people and for those who want to get some sense of a back-to-basics lifestyle.


  • Bantayan Island boasts beautiful beaches where you can enjoy many activities including cliff diving, swimming, kayaking and even skydiving.
  • Santa Fe is the most popular beach in Bantayan Island that houses some of the most popular accommodation choices.
  • Budyong Beach is a great spot to witness the sunset and capture stunning photos.
  • Bantayan Island is a hot destination during the Holy Week and it has a unique way of celebrating it.

Bantayan is the main and largest island of the Bantayan island group that lies close to the geographical centre of the Philippine archipelago.

Thanks to its rich marine biodiversity, Bantayan and its surrounding waters has been declared as protected areas in the Philippines .

The long white sand beached and the laid back atmosphere make Bantayan Island the perfect short-island-getaway for those who want to nothing but relax.

The palm-fringed Sugar Beach, Paradise Beach and Virgin Island are among the best places to see in Batayan.

Sugar Beach which takes its name from the fine, white and powdered sugar sand, is a very relaxing spot in Santa Fe with a good choice of budget and family-run accommodation options.

Ogtong Cave Resort is probably one of the most unique accommodation on Santa Fe because it boats Ogtong Cave. This natural wonder consists in a small cave with a pool with turquoise crystal-clear waters.

Santa Fe is considered as the gateway to Bantayan since is close to the ferry terminal and serves as the access point to all Bantayan islands. It’s also well known for its fine beaches and crystal clear waters.

Hilantagaan Island and Virgin Island, located about 30-minute boat ride from Santa Fe, boasts crystalline aquamarine waters and wide stretches of pristine white beach.

Bantayan Island is very popular during Holy Week, for its Santo Entierro procession where the Stations of the Cross are portrayed in life size figures mounted on carozzas (carriages).


There is a daily ferry service between Hagnaya on Cebu island and the port of Santa Fe in Bantayan. The ferry ride will take approximately 75 minutes.

From Cebu city you can travel to Hagnaya terminal by public bus or private vehicle. It takes about 3 hours.


The best time to Bantayan Island is the summer from November to May

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