Mulu National Park

Mulu National Park is one of the most spectacular Borneo’s natural wonders. Mulu has well-preserved eco-systems where you can enjoy nature in its purest form and explore the impressive caves.


  • Explore some of the world’s largest caves
  • Trek into Mulu National Park, through lush rainforest and karst landscape
  • Witness the spectacle of millions of bats spiraling out of the cave mouth for a night hunting
  • Take the Pinnacle hike to the lookout for a spectacular view of the sharp limestones emerging from the jungle

Explore Sarawak’s largest national park, covering an area of 544 sq. km, discover its diverse vegetation which varies from peat swamp to limestone and forest terrain. The national park contains about 1,500 species of flowering plants, including 10 species of the famous pitcher plants.

Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses an extensive underground cave system and karst formations in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting.

Mulu Caves

The Deer Cave is one of world’s largest cave passages in the heart of the Borneo jungle. The most significant feature of this cave is the Garden of Eden which is a hidden world, accessible by passing through the great cave itself. The Deer Cave is also well known for the millions bats flying out of the cave in a long spiralling cascade across the sky every evening.

The Clearwater Cave is believed to be one of the worlds’ top ten longest caves. The cave derives its name from an underground river which flows across it. The crystal clear water is said to possess mysterious power that restore youth!

An exploration trek in Gunung Mulu National Park will allow you to experience the magnificent caves, the limestone Pinnacles and the Headhunters’Trail.


Pinnacles and Headhunters’ Trail

The Pinnacles consist of a series of tall, razor-sharp limestone spikes that tower above the jungle, mid-way up the slopes of the Mt Gunung Api. The trek to the Pinnacles is very popular in the park although is tough and challenging. The trail itself is very steep (near vertically parts) and requires a certain level of fitness.

The Headhunters’Trail is a great way of leaving Gunung Mulu National Park. The trek combines upriver travel, jungle trekking and an overnight stay at an Iban longhouse. The trail itself follows the route taken by Kayan headhunting parties who paddled up the Melinau River to Melinau Gorge. They then dragged their longboats through the forest for 3 km until they reached the banks of the Terikan River, where they launched headhunting raids against the people of the Limbang area.

At Mulu National Park you can conquer the 2,377 metres Mulu Summit via a 24km steep climb through conifers, stunning rhododendrons, and pitcher plants.


The easier way to reach Mulu is by air. There are daily flights from Miri to Mulu and also connections from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu by Malaysia Airlines

It is also possible to hike into Mulu via the “Head Hunter’s Trail” from Limbang by trekking down through Camp 5 and then onto Mulu Park headquarters.


Mulu is not strongly affected by the monsoonal seasons.
July – September are the driest months (it only rains about 3 days in 7) but it is also hotter without the cooling rains.
March and April have a little less rain than the wettest months of October – January and May – June.
The peak period is July, August and September.


Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

Located in the midst of breath-taking natural splendor along the banks of the Melinau River in Sarawak, Malaysia, the Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa will be a short 5-minute drive from the Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lush, equatorial rainforests, unique ecological flora and animal life and some of the world’s most amazing cave systems dating back more than 40 million years.

Designed in the style of ethnic longhouses, the resort was built on wooden stilts, rising three meters above the ground and linked by a series of wooden walkways. All guest rooms offer balconies; in-room mini-bar, safe, flat-screen TV and hi-speed internet access; plush bed and bath linens; and bathrooms with separate tub and shower.

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